How Do I Take Care of Myself?


Laugh often. Meditate & write often. Balance relationship & solitude. Repair broken things. Take photographs daily. Experience friends/family/animals/music/nature. Read, read, read. Remember wonder. Take risks. Write haiku:

Plant some seeds.
Water and tend.
No hurry.
They are blooming.


Carolyn S. Carr is the Program Manager for District & Regional Initiatives in the Department of Integrated Learning at the Alameda County Office of Education. She organizes the annual Inventing Our Future Integrated Learning Summer Institute. As a member of the Collective Impact Working Group of the Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership of the Bay Area, Carolyn works to engage a cross sector of stakeholders to collectively move the needle on public education. She has been an artist & photographer since her grandfather gave her his A-1 Kodak camera in seventh grade. She is the recipient of California Arts Council Artist in the Residence grant, Oakland Cultural Arts grant and her students were awarded Best Youth Mural by the Precita Eyes Center in the Mission, San Francisco. Carolyn has exhibited her work locally and nationally.