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One of the things that is very powerful [at this Institute] is very rarely do you hear someone say ‘Tell me the answer.’ It’s ‘Tell me your ideas. Tell me your story. Tell me how you’re going to be thinking about this in new ways.’ Those are the kind of conversations I was hearing after the session... the exchange of ideas and people talking about the difficulties of their circumstances and how they were going to overcome those with imagination.
As a result of attending this institute, “I want to spend more time getting to know my students and make room for their voices more.”
And the Verbatim Theater of the Youth was just breathtaking. Every plenary speaker and workshop was inspiring and rich. Thank you for the creative leadership that you are fostering. You hit the ball out of the park.
What a brilliant conference! I am so glad I came. The two hour creative debrief at the end of each day with a cohort made the experience so much deeper and more meaningful than all the conferences I attend where I am filled to overflowing and can’t digest my experience. Bravo!
This conference has changed the direction of my career. It has reinvigorated my hope - that even though I left the classroom, I can be both an artist and educator. Endless thanks.