Social Media Spotlight IoF 2015


AlamedaCOE Sep 17
@shawnginwright at #inventingourfuture "...most significant difference we make in young people is to love them beyond our constraints"

Em.Fay Aug 19
What an incredible three days. #inspiration #persistence #connecting #energizing #believing #innovating Alameda County Office of Education hosted three days of workshops with artists, activists, restorers, healers, storytellers, and teachers of all kinds. We ended our day holding hands, connecting and singing to thank our ancestors for bringing us to the incredible space that we are in today, growing not only in our learning but for your generations to come! #inventingourfuture #artiseducation

Kim Campisano Aug 17
Last week's whirlwind of integrated learning & deep connections w/leading artists & educators! #inventingourfuture

HilaryNV Aug 13
Starting the day in a space and science center is a good thing. Nice work, ACOE. #inventingourfuture

Jackie Shonerd Aug 13
Joanna Macy reminds us we're in it together with our youth ready to lead the changes #inventingourfuture @AlamedaCOE

FDO Aug 13
Sitting in on Shakti Butler's session: Moving Toward Justice, Seeing Vulnerable Children as Whole #inventingourfuture

Art IS Education Aug 13
Listening to each other and acting with courage #inventingourfuture

Celine Liu Aug 13
Oakland tech S performers reflect T learnings back to us. Powerful reflections at #inventingourfuture @ACOECore

Susan Wolf Aug 12
Action group co-leader plays well with others to hope+dream+create & ACT #inventingourfuture

Jackie Shonerd Aug 12
Integrated academics with SEL? Yes we can! Great workshop today #inventingourfuture #millstscholars #alamedacoe

Celine Liu Aug 12
What #socialemotional competencies do we assume Ss have when planning academic content? #inventingourfuture

Sophie Fanelli Aug 12
#inventingourfuture @shawnginwright / power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice!

Sophie Fanelli Aug 12
Incredible presentation by Shawn Ginwright -- radical healing as a path to transforming the system #inventingourfuture

Eric Engdahl Aug 12
#inventingourfuture heard yesterday, teachers are artists of human potential

Shannon Carey Aug 11
Grateful to be here! Sarah Crowell's workshop was gorgeous. #inventingourfuture