Wednesday, August 10 (1:45 PM - 3:45 PM)

Mobile friendly view of Wednesday afternoon Mini Course abstracts and Presenter bio's here

REPEAT - Build, Tinker, Hack: Becoming Sensitive to Design through Maker-Centered Practice

Brooke ToczylowskiCarl BaroneAndrea Maoki, Agency By Design

Educational initiatives that emphasize making, engineering, and tinkering are becoming increasingly popular in K-12 education. Makerspaces, fab labs, and design classes are bringing with them exciting new tools, technologies, and curricula. Learn what the most salient benefits of these maker-centered learning experiences are? Dive into a series of hands-on activities exploring how pedagogical practice can support the core principles of maker-centered learning from ABD’s Oakland Team Experience. Use thinking routines developed through the Agency by Design project at Project Zero, to consider what it means to develop a sensitivity to the made dimension of the world.

Scribbling Our Way to Profundity: The Art Jam Lesson Plan Even The Most Jaded 'Non-Artist' Will Love.

Todd Berman, The Art Don’t Stop

Begin with a scribbling exercise and escalate into a meaningful multi-media collaborative art project to understand how even 'non-artists,' can use art for teaching, learning, and building community. Learn how art can function as a practice in observation and experimentation; how drawing can help students connect with the intentions of an author, or the emotions of a character; how, like math, art can get the mind focused on solving a problem. We will incorporate learning experiences through emotional recordings, and then allow for other elements to come into play, based on the inspirations and accidents of the art process.

Your Voice Matters: Using Story to Communicate Value

Angela Zusman, Story for All

The ability to draw out and assimilate community voices is an essential tool in building connection, increasing respect, and enhancing creativity. In this workshop, we will learn and practice how to uplift the voices of our students and community members, and harness their wisdom for a collective cause. This workshop elucidates the power of listening and reflection as essential components of deepening connection and inspiring creativity, allowing for storytelling to become a means for increasing creativity, respect, engagement, civic pride, and self-esteem.

Experimenting with Perception, Exploring Arts Based Research

Susan Wolf, Integrated Learning Specialist Program, ACOE

Pinhole camera obscura visors, Origami Microscopes, and Virtual Reality viewers, each allow us to see the world from a shifted vantage point. How do contemporary artists play with ideas of perception (and perspective) in their work? How does their curiosity fuel their own learning? Test, explore and question how these scientific tools lead to generative student driven inquiry.

Remixing Our Community

Maeven McGovern, Youth Radio

How do my students define health and wellness? What barriers to wellness exist in my students' community? How can my classroom and curricula be a platform for addressing overall community health and wellness? How can I help my students find connections between the curricula and their lives outside my classroom? Through their new music project Remix Your Life toolkit, Youth Radio’s team will address these questions. Explore wellness and barriers to wellness that exists in our community.  Make connections between classroom content and community life.  Learn hands on, step-by-step overview of the toolkit and implementation guidelines/best practices.  Receive both digital and hard copies of the project and toolkit and ongoing technical assistance from Youth Radio to support implementation your classrooms. Develop the cultural knowledge necessary to effectively connect with and support your students.